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It’s time to have fun! Our gay dads are already in the game and their raging old pricks are simply buzzing for action. They have their own interpretation for the word “team-work” and they really love every second of this smutty mass fornication. The slurping and popping sounds get louder all the time and cum starts flying all over the place, ‘cuz while our daddies don’t mind sharing their experience with youngsters, they prefer teaching them in groups. There are a lot of sloppy throat jobs, wet ass licking and butt poking going at the same time with older dudes orchestrating twink team-work, supervising it and always playing the main part. All the content is totally exclusive and there are both pictures and movies presented inside. You can stream or download any video you like, but now we have a special feature: you’ll be able to see the footage from three different cams that have captured this mind-boggling daddies-vs.-boys group shagging from every possible angle. You have just to choose 1, 2 or 3 button in your player to see the action in a different light.
Dads Fun Dads Fun Dads Fun Dads Fun Dads Fun
Dads Fun Dads Fun Dads Fun Dads Fun Dads Fun

All models were at least 18 y.o. at the time of the photography.
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